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Server hosting

If you are looking for managed hosting that lets you focus on what’s important: Your players, then you’ve come to the right place.
We offer managed hosting through our partners. Our goal is to make sure your server and the data on it stays secure.

We will recommend which specifications your server should have. After you’ve selected the server you want, we will order the server and install the operating system of your choosing on it.
After the OS has been installed, you will be given access to the server. In the background, we will set up all firewalls and other security systems to keep your server safe.

We usually virtualise dedicated servers, so you can run multiple operating systems and applications from a single server. It is important to keep your infrastructure spread out, so a single breach doesn’t compromise all of your operations.


Arma mod repositories

We offer Arma 3 mod repository (Arma3Sync) hosting as well. We offer repository hosting with 1 Gbps dedicated uplink for 25€/month and 10 Gbps for 85€/month. All of our offerings include unlimited bandwidth and NVMe disks.