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We are specialised in backend security. We offer services for websites, dedicated servers and game servers. There has yet to be a DDoS attack we haven’t been able to stop.

We employ professional techniques, such as WAFs (web application firewalls) and packet scrubbing to mitigate any DDoS threat.
The most common threat for unprotected servers is script kiddies, who demand payment or special privileges to not DDoS (or as they say “turn off”) your services. Most of these script kiddies are lonely 13-year-olds who want to feel powerful after purchasing a $15 booter off the deep-web.
Our speciality is stopping these types of threats in a cost-effective way.

With the many years we’ve been in this business, we have also seen more dedicated DDoS’ers, but we are yet to be defeated when it comes to DDoS protection.



Are you looking for a freelance developer for your game server or website? You’ve come to the right place.
We are specialised in C#, C++, SQF, PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript. For frontends, we have many years of experience with HTML/CSS, jQuery, Vue and Angular.

If you are interested in our services for web frontend/backend or application development, contact us via Discord.



We offer specialized DDoS protected hosting. We rent servers from third-party hosting providers and setup all the required infrastructure security needed.
We only charge for the actual hosting fees (with 0% profit) and for the work we’ve done to secure your server. Hosting on our accounts and infrastructure allows us to set up our secret Anti-DDoS techniques.

If you’re interested in Arma 3 mod repository hosting, we offer 1 Gbps dedicated uplink with unlimited traffic for 25€/month and 10 Gbps dedicated uplink for 85€/month. All our offerings include NVMe disks.