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Anti-DDoS and web security

If your gaming server or website is getting hit offline with a DDoS attack, we have the tools to stop that.
Most attacks can be stopped by configuring tools such as CloudFlare correctly, but in some situations we have to deploy our own custom methods to limit the effectiveness of DDoS attacks.

To this day, no DDoS has been able to take down a server protected by us. Websites protected with our methods have survived DDoS’s with more than 40 million requests per day. Our game server DDoS protection has seen more than 8 Gbps (after hosting provider firewall filtering) and survived it without lagging in-game players.


Anti-Cheat and Admin-Tools

Fini’s Anti-Cheat is the most advanced Arma anti-cheat on the market. The anti-cheat can stop scripters, but also cheaters using memory modification software.
We deploy traditional scan-and-detect methods, but also heuristic algorithms to detect more complex cheating behaviour. Our anti-cheat is a tool you need to make sure your server stays cheat-free.
If you think your server doesn’t have cheaters, then you just don’t have good enough anti-cheat to detect them.

You can buy the anti-cheat here. If you have any questions, just join our Discord!